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Combined Care

Dr McMenamin provides antenatal care for you during your pregnancy in combination with care provided by your GP (“combined antenatal care”). This typically means that your antenatal visits will alternate between your GP and Dr McMenamin.

All patients are offered an early viability scan between 7 and 9 weeks gestation and then a “booking visit” at approximately 12 weeks gestation. Dr McMenamin will see you every 4 weeks until 32 weeks gestation and thereafter every 2 weeks until delivery. Where complications in pregnancy arise, your visits may occur more frequently.

A scan will be provided at each antenatal visit with Dr McMenamin to ensure your baby is growing appropriately, that the amniotic fluid volume is normal and that blood flow to the baby is normal. Your schedule of visits can be planned ahead and urgent reviews are catered for if needed.

All patients will have a post-natal follow-up appointment with Dr McMenamin approximately 6 weeks after delivery. At this appointment your check-up will assess that you have made a full recovery and provides an opportunity to discuss future family planning and cervical smear taking if required.

Dr McMenamin can be contacted Monday-Friday from 08:30-17:30hrs by calling 021-4301357. Outside of these hours you are advised to contact the emergency room in CUMH on 021-4920596. If you have to attend the emergency room for any reason, Dr McMenamin will be contacted and will attend to you at CUMH. If Dr McMenamin is unavailable, a nominated consultant colleague from CUMH will see you and care for you until Dr McMenamin’s return.

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